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Otaio Bridge Alpacas

Share our passion for everything alpaca

We have a selection of beautiful soft Alpaca yarns.

We have the very fine 1 ply yarns in 100% alpaca.

Choose from Natural colours, hand-dyed or commercial colours.

Fantastic for lace knitting or weaving.

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We have a selection of 2 ply yarns in 100% alpaca or 80% NZ alpaca, 20% NZ merino.

Both come in a selection of natural and hand-dyed colours.

Very popular for weaving, lace or baby knitting and crochet

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Then there is the most popular of all, the 4 ply 100% alpacayarns.

There is a wide selection of hand-dyed colours, most of them based on my garden.

We also have some plain natural or commercial yarns.

This fantastic yarn is suitable for all handcrafts, all knitting, crochet and of course weaving.

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Looking for something different try some Alpaca boucle.

Available in hand-dyed and commercial colours.

Suitable for knitting and superb for weaving.

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