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Otaio Bridge Alpacas

Share our passion for everything alpaca

Alpacas with fine uniform fleeces for Sale

Choose from our alpacas with fine uniform fleeces. Otaio Bridge Alpacas is located in Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand.

We can assist you with transport or export requirements.

All alpacas sold will be up to date with vaccinations and supplements.

Our herd is tested every 3 years for TB Free status. Our last test was August 2017.

This gives you piece of mind buying.

Breeding Females

Your options

- Maiden Females, not yet mated. This may include a mating to one of our stud males

- Pregnant females

- Three in one Package, pregnant female with cria at foot

We give a fertility guarantee for all females not yet pregnant.

We give a live birth guarantee for all pregnant females.

Standard conditions apply, if in doubt we may ask for a vet certificate.

Stud males

We give a fertility guarantee for all unproven males.

At the moment we have no stud males for sale.

But we have a few promising young males coming up.

Watch this space or contact us for details.

Adorable Pets

All our pets our halter trained.

We will help you with your alpaca care until you are quite confident.

Sorry it is weaning time at Otaio Bridge and the three in one packages have now expired. Individual dams and crias will be listed over the next few days, together with some more. Plenty for you to choose from.

All pregnant females come with a live cria guarantee, Standard condition apply.

Price for pregnant females is valid until birth.

Maiden Females have a fertility guarantee, standard conditions apply.

Three in one packages consist of a pregnant female with cria at foot.